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Central Asia


In Tajikistan, the most food insecure country in the region, a study of wheat market integration found that wheat prices adjust more quickly to increases in prices in international and regional markets than in other domestic markets; this poor market integration exacerbates the price gaps between Tajikistan’s food-dependent and food-producing regions.

An assessment for the US Feed the Future initiative in southern Tajikistan suggests that a sharp decline in remittance inflows due to a slowdown in the Russian economy has reduced household income, while wasting rates of children under five and women’s malnourishment increased slightly.

IFPRI was a partner in the development and launch of two online food security atlases—Tajikistan Spatial and Kyrgyzstan Spatial. These Web platforms provide interactive maps and data on food availability, accessibility, stability, and utilization. They are designed to help policy makers target areas most vulnerable to food insecurity.