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Strengthening Institutions and Governance

Sound institutions and effective governance are crucial to fair management of common resources and inclusion of poor and vulnerable populations in agricultural growth and transformation.

Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) released Agricultural Research in Africa: Investing in Future Harvests, which highlights volatility and unevenness in R&D spending. The book stresses the need to shift to a growth path based on increased productivity in order to raise rural incomes and competitiveness in domestic and international markets. ASTI outputs have improved stakeholders’ awareness of the status, direction, strengths, and weaknesses of national agricultural R&D systems.

Research on strengthening common property systems highlighted the importance of interactions, often facilitated by nongovernmental organizations, among government agencies and programs and the resource users. The Foundation for Ecological Security, which helps communities to manage millions of hectares of forestland and common land in Andhra Pradesh, India, drew on this study to develop a monitoring and evaluation methodology for its work on the commons.

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By Claudia Ringler


Malawi’s draft National Agriculture Policy (NAP) benefited from IFPRI support. The president of Malawi attended the NAP’s launch event, and the NAP document is already informing sector budgets for agriculture, trade, and land, as well as the design of the second-generation National Agriculture Investment Plan.